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cinnamonjally's Journal

I am an older mom. I have two wonderful kids. Time flies, they grow up so fast!I love them, they are my anchor, my reason for living each day to it's fullest. I am married to the sweetest most loving man in the world. He is the sunshine in my days, he feeds my sensuality at night and is the rock of my world. My irish prince charming, my king: Falqour.

I'll prolly be using this journal to talk about them, maybe ask advise on parenting (because quite frankly, I don't know it all, and am always questioning my parenting) To chat about the little things going on in my life (when I get the time, it may be sporatic) And use it as a place to unwind, let the things that are buggin me out, and a place where I an celebrate life. It will be to tell my sweet Love, how I feel about him. (he already knows, but it's always something good to hear)To talk about my yarn projects.